Wednesday, December 31, 2008

3 days

My dad had to leave today. Three days is all I got to see him this time. I understand though, I know he had to go back to just makes me sad. Hannah was having so much fun with him and Acacia was really warming up to him. (which is big, Acacia is really shy) Hopefully he will be able to come up and see us in a couple of months.

Maybe there will be something interesting going on at the town square tonight. Its weird not being home for new years eve. We always get together with all our friends for new years. These people at The Villages know how to party...there will probably be something fun to see. :-)

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Today has been a lazy day. The girls got up with the sun (of course) and I sure wasn't ready to get up. So...when Acacia laid down for a nap, so did I :-)

After our naps we went to the dog park with grandma and Sadie. We then went over to the lake and fed the birds crackers. The weather has been absolutely beautiful. Now that we've had dinner we are going to watch Kung Fu Panda. Then to bed hopefully.

Night all.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Silver Springs

About a month ago, while I was planning this Florida trip, I had mentioned to my grandma that we wanted to take the girls to Silver Springs. We ended up not having the money to do that. Well, my grandma bought us tickets. Yea! So, today we went to Silver Springs. I had not been in about 15 years. We had so much fun. I believe that Josh and Hannah really had a good time. Acacia probably could have cared less. Haha. She did like the bears though...she kept calling them "kitty". It was super cute.
I am tired though and my wonderful little one will be up with the sun so I better go to bed.
Night all :-)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Florida Trip

Here we are in Florida...and it is so nice here. NC was freezing cold and it is in the 70's, clear blue sky and no humidity. It is beautiful. We have been riding around in the golf cart. I was worried that Acacia may not like riding in the golf cart, but she doesn't seem to mind. My dad should be here any time. This is the first time any of my family down here has seen Acacia. She loves my grandma's dog.

Well, this is my first blog and I still have to see how all this works. So, I will write more later.