Friday, January 30, 2009

They are here

Wade and Aimee made it to NC safe last night. It is so nice to have someone come visit us. We (Marilynn and I) would like to show them around but I'm not sure the weather is going to be nice enough. We are all getting together at my house tonight for dinner, enchaladas. I need to go put the roast in....

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


So I had a craving for some peanut butter cookies. I had the stuff for these pb cookies with honey that I had made before. While I was rolling them I happened to taste the cookie dough and it was killer, but after they were cooked they were not as good. I have to say I was a little dissapointed. Oh well. I was trying to think of something tasty for when Wade and Aimee get here. I like to have something special around when we have guests. We will probably have mexican food one night and italian food the if anyone has a suggestion....something not to hard (I have three kids to watch while I make it LOL)

Friday, January 23, 2009


Hannah received two awards today at school. A principals award in reading and one in math also. We are so proud of her. I would love for her to receive the good citizen award but I'll keep that to myself (well I won't tell her anyway (-: ).

Thursday, January 22, 2009


I am such a woowoo baby. I was watching Grey's Anatomy tonight and cried like a woowoo baby. I know that is just a TV show but watching the mother with her little boy....oh man. I could not...don't want to imagine. I cannot imagine my life, my world without my kids. I try not to discuss spiritual topics because you never know how some people feel, but this is my blog and all... I believe that I am a spiritual person. I try to practice "do unto others...". I pray all the time thanking God for my family. Thanking Him for my children, my family and friends. How could you not be thankful. I have a wonderful husband and the best kids anyone could ask for. I decided years ago that it was stupid to hold grudges and to stay mad over little insugnificant things. I'm not saying it easy, but I try my best. Anyways...blasted TV has got me all emotional.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Doctor visit

Last night I decided that it was time to take Acacia to the doctor. Well, this morning she got sick (both ends) so we took her to see the doctor. Bad news...she has an ear infection. Good news...she has put on almost 2 pounds. So at least its only an ear infection. We have some antibiotics for her to take...which must taste good because she sucked it down and asked for more LOL. Guess I better go I hear the baby waking up from her nap.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sick baby

We have been sharing a cold back and forth in the family for 2 months now. Acacia has been miserable the last few days (and nights). Her nose is running and she has quite a cough when she lays down. After she went to bed she started coughing and crying like it hurt so I gave her some tylenol but I believe I will take her to the doctor tomorrow. I don't want her to have strep or something. My poor baby. I hate it when my kids get sick. It just kills me... I wish I could fix it asap!
Hopefully everything will be fine and she will start feeling better soon.

What a day

Last night it started to snow and we got so excited. It covered the ground when the girls went to bed and all they could talk about was playing in the snow. Well, when we woke up most of the snow was gone. Such a bummer. Hannah played in it anyways...even though it was mostly mud. Haha
What a day today...a historical day. Lets hope Obama can get us out of this slump we are all in. I voted for Obama and I think change will do us good.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Just cold...

I have come to the conclusion that we will never get snow. *sigh*

Not much exciting going on these days. Just hanging out with the kids :-)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


There is a possibility that we may get snow in the next few days. Please...please I wish we would. It only snowed at our house once last year and none this year. I want to take my kids out to play in some snow! Hopefully we will get something.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Rock on :-)

Our friends invited us over for dinner tonight. We had a real good time. We ate nachos and sat around and bs'd for a while. After a little bit we played guitar hero. It was a lot of fun...we laughed and almost said some bad words (we restrained the best we could around the kids). We just had a lot of fun. Now home to bed.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Yea Acacia ate good. I made these protein patties, rice and carrots for dinner and Acacia ate 2 1\2 patties and some carrots. This probably doesn't seem like a big deal to most people but it is. Over the last couple of months we (the doctor) have noticed that Acacia hasn't gained weight in a while. The doctor had me put her on a high protein - high fat (good fat) diet. Well, when we went back for a weight check a month later she still hadn't gained anything. This concerned the doctor and when she looked back Acacia has been 19lbs for 4 months now. Concidering the rate that babies grow in the first year this isn't a great thing. So...I had to really be focused on what she eats. I have always made sure my kids eat right so finding a different way to feed her has been challenging. Her liking these patties is awesome. She is so picky it is hard to find stuff she will eat. Anyways...we weighed her today and she has gained a pound. :) I know it doesn't seem like much...but wahoo!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Year...New Me

So, those who know me know that I have been fighting with my weight since high school. I have made every excuse I could think of. I blamed health issues, birth control, anything but myself. I now accept that it is my fault. Its my fault that I don't eat right. Its my fault I don't excersise. Well, its time to change my life. We are no longer keeping soda in the house. I have become addicted to it after the birth of Acacia. I have lost 7lbs in the last week. Next week I am going to start using my eliptical. I am not doing this to be skinny (though I'm sure it will be nice), I am doing this to be healthy. I want to be healthy for my set a good example for them. I can do this. I will do this. So, here's to a new year and a new me.

Rain, rain, go away

Well, not really I guess. We really need the rain. At the end of the year we were over 10 inches under where we were supposed to be. I just need sunlight. Even just for an hour or so a day. All this gloomy sky stuff gives me a headach.
I get the exciting task of applying for jobs today. Wahoo. No one is hiring right now except maybe Baxter and even if I wanted to go back its not really something we can do right now. The money was great but I would have to work 2nd or 3rd and find a new babysitter. I think for now working part time will be the best...if I can find anything.

Monday, January 5, 2009


Acacia has decided to start walking...not just a few steps, full on walking. She is going to do everything at once I guess. She is talking up a storm and has gotten 6 teeth in 3 weeks. Crazy kid.
We finally cut Hannahs hair. We've cut it before..trimmed it. This time we cut around 5 inches off. I was a little aprehensive at first, but it looks so cute.

Saturday, January 3, 2009


We are in North Carolina finally! Yea! We stopped to get gas its cold here compared to Florida. Well, its super foggy so I better go back to "helping" drive. I was just excited we are about an hour away from home. nice big bed...*yawn*

Friday, January 2, 2009


Well, here we are driving home. We are getting ready to leave Florida. We all need to stop and get out for a few minutes. The kids and myself are getting restless. Plus we need to eat some dinner. I was bored but I better go now and help watch for signs.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Boogie the night away

Grandma, Josh, Hannah, Acacia and I all went to the movies and saw Bedtime Stories. It was cute. I would like to watch it again...I missed some of it paying attention to the baby.
Then we cruised around and shopped a little. After we ate dinner we decided to go down to the town square and see what was going on. The band was playing pretty good music so we decided to hang out for a while. Hannah danced, and danced. She was cracking me up. We even had someone come and complement our parenting. He said we had done a great job, that she had such confidence in herself. It was pretty great. My hubby and I even had a know, a "grown-up" drink. Wow. It has been years since I've been able to drink. It seems like I have been pregnant or breastfeeding for 6 years LOL. Anyways, we had a good time. I think we are going to go home tomorrow afternoon. Oh, well. We will see.

New Years Eve

We had planned to go to the town square last night and see what was going on, but it didn't happen. Acacia was asleep by 8:30 and Hannah was in bed by 10. I ended up watching Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the beginning while Josh played on the computer. Exciting, I know. We did stay up until 12 though. Had to kiss my hubby at midnight :-) you know, for luck ;)

I think today we are going to the movies. Its actually a little chilly today (for Florida anyways) in the 60's. Well, better go get the family's baths done.

Happy New Year everyone!