Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sick baby

We have been sharing a cold back and forth in the family for 2 months now. Acacia has been miserable the last few days (and nights). Her nose is running and she has quite a cough when she lays down. After she went to bed she started coughing and crying like it hurt so I gave her some tylenol but I believe I will take her to the doctor tomorrow. I don't want her to have strep or something. My poor baby. I hate it when my kids get sick. It just kills me... I wish I could fix it asap!
Hopefully everything will be fine and she will start feeling better soon.

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  1. Hey,
    You might try Saline(salt water over the counter) in her nose. It works wonders for Austin(he has been sinus infection free for 3 yrs) and I have started using it on Levi. I suck out his nose with one of those horrible nose suckers and then squirt some saline up there. It seems to be working, his snot is clear again and he isn't so whiny.