Thursday, January 22, 2009


I am such a woowoo baby. I was watching Grey's Anatomy tonight and cried like a woowoo baby. I know that is just a TV show but watching the mother with her little boy....oh man. I could not...don't want to imagine. I cannot imagine my life, my world without my kids. I try not to discuss spiritual topics because you never know how some people feel, but this is my blog and all... I believe that I am a spiritual person. I try to practice "do unto others...". I pray all the time thanking God for my family. Thanking Him for my children, my family and friends. How could you not be thankful. I have a wonderful husband and the best kids anyone could ask for. I decided years ago that it was stupid to hold grudges and to stay mad over little insugnificant things. I'm not saying it easy, but I try my best. Anyways...blasted TV has got me all emotional.

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