Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Hannah!

Happy Birthday to my sweet baby girl. I can't believe she is six years old already. My mom used to say that time flies when you have kids and she was right. It snowed a little last night so Hannah didn't have school today. We will just have to take her cupcakes tomorrow. Josh was able to get off work early and we had his mom watch Acacia while we took Hannah and Jaylynn to the movies. We watched Hotel for Dogs. It was cute. I missed some of it, poor Jaylynn ended up throwing up in the middle of the movie and I had to clean her up. Bless her heart, we didn't bring her bag...the only thing I had to put her in (no way could she wear her clothes) was my sweatshirt. Thankgoodness I was wearing a tanktop under it. It has been below 0 deg with the wind so I didn't want her to freeze...Josh gave me his jacket to wear. Haha...drama :-) We still managed to have a good time.
I still just can't get over that my baby is 6 already. Ok so she isn't my baby anymore...but she is. Oh I just love her so much.

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