Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Aparently there was a woman in Asheville, NC (about an hour away from where I live) who was kicked out of Dennys for breastfeeding. Can you believe that! For feeding her freakin child! It has been all over the news. If I was still breastfeeding I would go there and pop both boobs out...what 'cha goin' to say about that Dennys! Ooooo I may go and do it anyways. Ha!
Grrrr! *sigh* People are stupid. I think I am done venting about this for now.


  1. That is bull crap. We let so much crap happen in our society without saying anything but a breastfeeding mom is pornographic or inappropriate. Whatever, if I was there I would go with u to breastfeed(even though Levi is done) maybe u should stage a breastfeeding sit in with like 30 moms, what would Denny's do then?

  2. You know, I think that happened a few years ago too. I think the lady sued them, but I'm not sure out it turned out. It's appalling how a chick can wear super revealing clothing but yet we are scorned for breastfeeding in public and you can't see anything!!!!! People are so frustrating!!!