Tuesday, March 24, 2009


The weather has been so nice we decided to go on a picnic. We went to Curtis Creek. It was beautiful up there. Acacia learned how to throw rocks in the creek. It was too cute. If she didn't get the rock in the water she would pick it up and try again.


We have finally got to go on our vacation. Marilynn, Jaylynn, Matt, Josh, Hannah, Acacia and I all stayed in a cabin in Gatlinburg, TN. Our cabin was nice...it had a hot tub and pool table. We had a really good time.
The first day we all dressed up some and went to dinner.

Saturday we went shopping. There were some good sales and we were able to start our Christmas shopping (we do this every year). After hours of shopping we went back to the cabin and made fajitas...which were super good. We played pool a ton...and I still suck...haha.

Sunday Josh got a wild hair and went and got a tattoo. :-) He got Hannah's name on his leg...he is going to get Acacia's name on his other leg, we just didn't have enough money to do both right now. I don't think his mom was too impressed, but I love it. Grr baby. I have my tattoos and now my hubby will be addicted too.

After Josh got his tattoo we all went to the Aquarium. It was so fun watching the girls. We has so much fun. I can't wait to go on vacation again. :-)

Josh's Family

Josh's grandpa went in the hospital again and this time it was really worrisome. They would only let one person in for a few minutes. He went on a respirator for a couple of days. I was really worried, but he is doing much better now. He is out of the hospital and in a rehab center. Before all this went on Josh's cousin had her baby a couple of months early. She is only a pound or so but is doing alright I hear.
Josh's sister went in the hospital a few days later but is out and doing much better.
It has been so crazy around here.

Aren't they cute :-)

Long time

I am going to start this series of blogs by saying that VerizonWireless still sucks. After many calls and emails they still say that this site is unsupported. Pisses me off frankly. I was able to get on this site for months and now they don't support it. Grrr. Anyways...now to update my blog page.

Friday, March 6, 2009


We finally got enough snow to play in a little bit. Hannah was so excited. Both girls got up about 7:30am and we put on some snow clothes and went out to play. Acacia didn't really like walking in it but loved sledding. Hannah made a tiny snowman (we had a hard time getting the snow to stay together). After a little bit we went inside and had a good warm breakfast. Here are some pictures :-)
We went to the Build-a-Bear store for a birthday party. Hannah was feeling a little bla, but Acacia had a great time. She loves her bear, which she named "Kitty". Haha Hannah named her bear "Rainbow". Then we went out to eat with Josh's family and had a great time.

Hannah putting the stuffing in her bear.
Acacia loving on her bear.


Wahoo! We finally got our tax money...of course most of it went to bills... but still wahoo! We have booked our cabin in TN and it couldn't come soon enough. Yey!
Now enjoy a video of Acacia falling asleep in Jaylynn's highchair.

Blasted phone internet

Ok, so I still can't get on blogspot on my phone. It is very frustrating. So I be prepared for several blogs that I have been wanting to write.

My sweet baby taking a nap :-)