Friday, April 24, 2009

Sick and tired

Well my whole family is sick. Hannah has a sinus infection on top of her normal allergies. Acacia has a sinus infection, pink eye and allergies. I have major sinus junk and Josh has strep throat. Grrr! We had plans to go camping this weekend, but I just don't think we will be up to it now. Maybe we can at least have a picnic.

On another note. I started reading the Twilight books this past weekend. After watching the movie I wanted to read the books (they always have more detail). Well I really got into them. I just finished the fourth (and hopefully not last) book tonight. Josh gets so irritated that I read so fast :-) I can't help it. I do have to admit that it has been awhile since I have read so much so fast and I have had a slight headache the last two days. It was worth it though. Ok so now I'm a Twilight junkie *haha*

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