Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Beach Weekend

Emerald Isle Beach

Well, we are back from the beach. We had so much fun...this blog might be a little long, sorry :-)

We left about 3am to head to Havelock, NC. We had a car full, thank goodness for the 3rd row seats. The drive was uneventful. We stopped a couple of times, but considering that we had 3 adults, a 6yr old, 2 1/2 yr old, and a 1 1/2 yr old traveling with us, we made good time. We met Tina at the gate (they live on base) and all was good, but when we pulled into their driveway our car started making a funny sound. Well after checking things out, our brakes were shot. Its a wonder we made it safely. So, we replaced the brake pads and sat to visit. Bethy and her husband and baby came over and had dinner with us. Then we played rock band for hours. Too funny...too much fun :D

Scotty playing drums and Acacia singing

Tina had to work again (bummer), so after she went to work we all headed to the Atlantic Beach. It was so nice. Acacia cracked me up, she would not touch the sand. I finally got her to play in the sand about a half an hour before we left. She was so silly. After hours of playing we went back to Tina's and had dinner and played some games.
Acacia chillin' on the beach

Margaret, Cherish, Zane and Hannah


Tina and Bethy got to go to the beach with us. We went to Emerald Isle Beach. It was beautiful. There was only a few people there...and nobody too close. We had so much fun. Josh and I got Margaret to come out and play in the waves with us. Way fun! Acacia actually even played in the sand most of the time. She was so cute. We headed back to Tina's for some taco's and games.

Zane and Hannah surfing

Acacia and Josh playing in the sand

We were so worn out we ended up sleeping in a little. Then we had to get our stuff together to go home. Tina had to go back to work and we didn't end up leaving until almost 4pm. We would have made good time coming home, but we hit some major rain. We finally got home about 11pm. *sigh* We had a blast, but we were so tired (and sunburned).
Hope everyone had a great Memorial Weekend.

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  1. A beach with warm water? What's that? One day I will actually swim in a warm ocean. I'm glad you guys had so much fun!