Sunday, May 17, 2009

Crazy weekend

Oh man...this weekend was going to be busy anyways, but things went really crazy. Saturday we went to the birthday party for our friends little boy. It was at the bowling alley and we all ended up having a really good time. After that we stopped at the store to get some last minute ingredients for the cake I was baking for a church lunch on Sunday. We got home and I realized that I had forgot something at the store...grrr. So, I head back to town and Josh calls me...our water won't work. Hmm, great. So we call a friend and he comes over to see whats up. After pulling up the pump (which is not too much fun) we find out the pump is shot. Awesome : (

So two days and a few hundred dollars later we have water again. Thank goodness for great, wonderful, talented friends.

Needless to say we ended up missing Matts graduation, church and the church lunch. Ah, such is life.

On a side note...Josh and I went to see Angels and Demons...good movie.

Here's a video of my sweet girls dancing. :-)

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