Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Father's Day cont.

After we woke Josh up with the girls giving him their homemade cards, we took him out to lunch. We wondered around for a while window-shopping then headed home.

This is the hat Acacia wanted to wear to the store haha

That evening we met up with some of his family and took his dad out for dinner. We had a good time. We hadn't seen some of them in quite a while (which is sad because we don't live but about an hour away). Then we went back to his parents house and sat around bs-ing for a while.

Chad and Crystal (James in the background)

Hannah and Jayden with Pawpaw Timmy (Amy in the background)

I have been busy this week and it will only get busier. We are getting ready for our friends wedding and have a lot to get done.

My sweet baby fell asleep watching TV

Hahaha! she found a pair of sissy's panties and is "trying them on"

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