Monday, June 1, 2009

Suprise fun

Hannah and Marilynn
Sunday we slept in... so nice. Then headed over to Scotty's house to visit and Melissa has asked me to be in the wedding so I needed to try on the dress. Oh, the dress.... It is very pretty, but I have 4 weeks to lose about 10lbs. I am between the sizes that she has (long story, she already has the dresses). I can do it, :-) hopefully, if not then I just won't sit down or breath LOL. After we hung out there for awhile Marilynn called and asked if we wanted to meet them at the lake to ride the jet ski's. Uh, yes! So I got to ride a jet ski for the first time. Wahoo! Way fun. Even Hannah liked it. It was a little late though and getting dark so we only got to ride for a few minutes. Next time we will plan better so we have more time.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.

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