Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July

Happy 4th of July!!!
We went to a BBQ at Scotty and Melissa's house and ate way to much :-)
After the BBQ we went to the parade in town. The kids had a blast. Ok, not just the kids :-)

Josh and Acacia watching the parade

Skylar, Casey, Marilynn and Hannah getting ready for the parade

Glenn, Julie and Keith waiting on the parade

After the parade we went to Julie and Glenn's house and had lasagna. Mmm so good. We played Uno attack! for a little while, trying to kill time until the fireworks. Then around 9pm we piled in Glenn's truck and headed to the fireworks.

Acacia giving naynay (Marilynn) lovin'

The hubby and I at the fireworks

My family :-)

Hannah was so proud of her earrings - such a big girl
We had a fabulous time at the fireworks. Acacia loved them. She was ooing and aaaing at all of them and calling them pretty. It was super cute. Hannah and Keith ran around and played and had a blast too. All in all it has been a great vacation week. Hope everyone had a great holiday.

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