Monday, July 6, 2009

Kid Senses

Last week Marilynn and I took Hannah and Jaylynn to this place called Kid Senses. Its really fun. They have a firetruck with boots and jackets the kids can wear. They have a miniature restaurant, grocery store, dentist office and news station for the kids to take over. They also have a craft room, puppet stage as well as a real stage with costumes, alphabet trail and that's just upstairs. Down stairs they have my favorite rooms; the bubble room and the shadow room (there are more rooms downstairs too). It was so much fun. They have also added a garden (it was closed though, so we didn't get to walk through it this time) and a virtual reality ride.

Jaylynn going up the special kid stairs in the middle of the building

Here is all of us waiting to go on the virtual reality ride

Marilynn in a bubble :-)

Here is Marilynn and Jaylynn's shadow in the shadow room (hard to see, sorry)

On a side note, here is my garden :-) It is doing so good! I am excited! We have already got some veggies out of it and they are so good. Yey for us :-)

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