Monday, July 6, 2009


Sunday we went up to Curtis Creek for a few days of camping. It was so nice. We found a little swimming hole to play in with a nice big rock to sun bath on. Julie and family, Amy and family, Marilynn and Jaylynn and Aimee all came up too. We stayed until Tuesday afternoon.

Acacia with Aunt Aimee

Acacia in the tent

Marilynn and Aimee (Hannah in the background)

Acacia thinkin' she's a big girl and poor Hannah didn't feel good :(

After we got home Tuesday we showered and then headed over to Marilynn's to visit with Aimee before she had to leave Wednesday morning. It was a nice visit. I did have to laugh a little at Aimee. I don't think Aimee anticipated the humidity. We tried to tell her but seeing is believing so they say. Haha, sorry it was so hot Aimee... but it is pretty here though :-)

Blowing bubbles at naynay's house

I swear Marilynn's eyes are the same color as her shirt :-)

Acacia driving Jaylynn's bug LOL

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