Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving weekend

Hope everyone out in blogger land had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We did. I got up early and went to the soup kitchen and helped cook and serve a wonderful turkey dinner. After that I rushed home to finish cooking our Thanksgiving dinner. Thankfully my hubby put the turkey in for me and cleaned house :-) All of our friends and family arrived around 5pm and we ate until we couldn't eat anymore. Ha ha. A little surprise, Josh's sister that lives at the coast was able to make it after all. That was a nice surprise. We don't get to see her often.
Black Friday.... I don't do black friday. I hate crowds like that, I would probably hurt someone LOL. Josh and my sister Marilynn get up around 2:30am and brave the crowd. I babysit (which is really just me and the kids sleeping :-)... I get the better end of the deal I think). But, thanks to their bravery we only lack a few things to finish Christmas shopping. Josh and I have sort of made a tradition for the last few items. We have a date night, dinner, maybe a movie and then grab the last few things we need. I am looking forward to it this year. We are going to go see New Moon. :-)
Later in the day (after naps were had by all haha) we put up our tree and then went to Marilynn's and helped her put up her tree. Lovely :-) We still have to put up our outside lights, but none of us feel very good today so I am not sure when that will get done. I did promise Hannah she could help me wrap presents today though. So I guess I will suck it up for a little bit. Ha ha.
Josh and Hannah putting the tree together

Acacia helping put the ornaments on.
I just thought I would share this picture with everyone because I thought it was darn cute. Acacia, fresh out of the bath, decided that she need to "jam" on her guitar... naked. LOL I just love it!! She it so darn cute!
Break it down girl!
Saturday we went to our friends house to help them decorate their tree. My bestfriend Amy has 40 billion ornaments :-) and it takes her forever to do it herself so she recruited us last year to start helping her. We had a great time. We decorated, ate wonderful grilled sandwiches and french fries, and played cards until all hours. Love it!

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