Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas (early) to everyone. I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas. Be safe.

I was reading a blog I follow and she had pictures of some of her ornaments and I thought I would copy :-)

So here are just a few of our ornaments:
Hannah's ornament for this year
Acacia's first ornament

Our family ornament for this year

Our tree :-)

Monday, December 21, 2009

Rush rush

After getting over 10 inches of snow Friday we had a fun/interesting weekend. Friday was the blizzard, but Josh and Marilynn made it home just fine. Thank God. I was really worried.
Acacia testing out her footing (cowboy boots don't really work well LOL)

Saturday we got up and went outside and built a snowman. It was cute...the head was bigger than the body. It was quite comical. Plus I didn't have anything for the eyes, nose, buttons etc, so we had to compromise and you couldn't hardly see it. Still we had fun. After that we had to get ready to go down to Josh's sisters house for the Christmas dinner. We left an hour early (it only takes about 30 minutes) and it took us over 30 minutes just to get to the main road. It normally takes about 3 minutes. Crazy! There was so much snow and ice. Well, we made it down there fine, late, but fine. The way home was a whole different story. We made it to the top of our driveway and got stuck. Our rear end was in the road and it took forever (shoveling, reverse, forward, reverse...) to move about 5 feet out of the road where we got stuck again. At least we were out of the road. LOL

Our snowman

Acacia sitting next to Uncle Lloyd at the Christmas dinner

Sunday I got up and managed to get the Explorer un-stuck and moved almost all the way to the house before getting stuck again. LOL I then proceeded to shovel and shovel and shovel an area to park the car. Josh came out and helped me, thank goodness. That's hard work (or maybe I'm really out of shape...can I blame this one on pregnancy? ha ha). We decided it would take us a week to try to shovel our whole driveway so we grabbed a bag of salt (from years ago LOL) and went back and forth over the driveway dumping handfuls of salt. I don't know how much it helped, but we managed to get out and back in. Yay!

I finally got some Christmas cards in the mail today. Grr, I normally have them in the mail the first week or so of December. I ran out of cards and had to pick up some more today. So there are some that will be even more late...*sigh*. Oh, well.

We did finish almost all of our Christmas shopping yesterday while Josh's mom watched the girls. I bought the last present today. Woot woot!!

Josh and I watched New Moon last night. I liked it...the books were better, but aren't they always.

While the girls and I were running errands today I decided to treat them. We stopped by Sonic and got Jr Candy Sundae's. Mmmm. I even got Acacia her own. Hee hee. She looked so cute eating it.

Mmmm Ice Cream :-)

Well I guess that's it for now. Hope everyone is having a great (and safe) Christmas week.

Friday, December 18, 2009

First time for everything

Ok, so pregnancy brain has officially taken over. I cooked a frozen pizza for dinner...chicken, bacon, ranch, yum :-)... and forgot to take it off the cardboard. Duh. I'm just glad I didn't start a fire or something. Heavens sakes.

I finally got to take the girls outside to play in the snow. Well we didn't stay out long, it was more like a blizzard. The wind was blowing so hard it was like ice hitting your face. Needless to say we didn't last long. When I measured a few minutes ago, my yard had 9 inches. Who knows how accurate that is, but it seems like it and it is still snowing pretty good. Its not supposed to stop until tomorrow evening. Yey :-)

Hannah and Acacia sledding

Hannah and cousin Jaylynn making snow angels


Today we are having our first snow of the winter. Yey! I love the snow. Right now it is snowing so hard and is so cold with the wind we can't even play in it. :-(

Hopefully (tomorrow morning maybe, I want it to snow all day today) we will be able to build a snowman and play in it some. Here are some pictures :-)

The view from my front door (I didn't want to go out, its cold!)

My front yard (so far...)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

All new

Thanks for the ideas and web pages to help with the new look. I think this is the one I like (for now LOL).

I think I'm going to try to convince my hubby to take the girls to Christmas Town (aka McAdenville, NC) tonight after Sarah's wedding...if its not to late anyways. I took the girls around town last night and they loved it. Acacia was going crazy at all the lights. We will see I guess.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

This is what happens when my "big girl" decided she didn't need a nap :-)

Friday, December 11, 2009

100th Post

Ok, so... I have had nothing blog-worthy to talk about lately. I have been sick and had sick kids. I think everyone is finally getting better. (fingers crossed) On that subject: why is it that some medicines say that certain ages can use them but the doctors say no...are there not certain rules that they should follow? What if I didn't call my pediatrician and just gave them what I thought they needed because the box said it would be ok? Grrr. Acacia is having belly issues and my sister has children's pepto which says is okay for 2 year olds. The pediatrician on the other had says no way. Now, I will listen to my pediatrician because she is awesome, it just frustrates me that the box says different. So, in a few minutes I am on my way to the store to get some Pedialite like my doctor recommended. Hopefully her belly will feel better tomorrow. And (fingers crossed again) hopefully she will not get strep throat or pink eye like the other children.

So, here is my 100th post and I think I would like to change the way my page looks. I can't afford to pay anyone to do it...besides I would like to design it. I am just not sure how to go about it. I don't really like the layouts that they have and I am not sure where to go to find more. Hmmm any suggestions?

Well, on that bla note I will leave you with a picture of our house a few Christmases ago.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Kids play nice

We had some friends over for dinner and a little Wii bowling Saturday night. Here are some pictures of the babies playing nicely together. Also my girls playing Sunday afternoon. I just love it when kids play nice. :-)
"Hey Lachlan, what cha doing?"

"Ooohhh, wow I didn't know you could get IN the basket"

Hannah and Acacia playing Littlest Petshop the board game


Saturday while we were waiting for my [stupid rasenfrasen] bread to rise, we decided to go visit my sisters friend. He has snakes and Hannah wanted to hold one. She ended up chickening out and would only hold the end without the teeth (not that I blame her, I am the same way). Now Josh held it and decided that he wants one. Hahahahahahahahahaha yea right. We have two dogs and four cats...sure why not add a snake to the mix. Um because I don't want to. I'll go and look at them somewhere else, but they will not be at my house. With that said, here are some pictures :-)
Hannah holding the Florida King Snake
Acacia was not interested in even petting it
Josh holding it, crazy man LOL

Hannah and me (see my hand ha ha)

Friday-Bake day

Friday Hannah and I baked and baked. We made sugar cookies and Hannah decorated them. They turned out very cute (very icing, sprinkled). I then made Lemon bread with lemon juice - powder sugar icing. I have this pan that makes little loafs of bread. I love it. It is so cute and works out perfectly to give to people. After the lemon bread was done I made chocolate, chocolate chip bread. I just sprinkled powder sugar on the top so it wouldn't stick to the plastic wrap. By the time everything was cooled, iced and wrapped it was after midnight. I still had to lay out the dough for chunk bread to rise overnight. It was a long day to say the least.

Hannah decorating the cookies

Mmmm cakes and cookies

This is Acacia helping me, and by helping I mean crying because I wouldn't let her "hold you"
It began with going to the store. That may not sound to bad, but here in North Carolina when they call for snow (which they were) everyone goes crazy. They pack the stores buying everything they can. So, non the less a bad day to go to the store. Being from where snow is no big deal I tend to forget that everyone goes crazy. Oh, to top it off my battery died at the store and I had to call my friend to come jump me. It was actually kind of comical to see two pregnant women trying to remember how to jump a car, trying not to get shocked. Oh, good times, good times LOL