Monday, December 7, 2009

Friday-Bake day

Friday Hannah and I baked and baked. We made sugar cookies and Hannah decorated them. They turned out very cute (very icing, sprinkled). I then made Lemon bread with lemon juice - powder sugar icing. I have this pan that makes little loafs of bread. I love it. It is so cute and works out perfectly to give to people. After the lemon bread was done I made chocolate, chocolate chip bread. I just sprinkled powder sugar on the top so it wouldn't stick to the plastic wrap. By the time everything was cooled, iced and wrapped it was after midnight. I still had to lay out the dough for chunk bread to rise overnight. It was a long day to say the least.

Hannah decorating the cookies

Mmmm cakes and cookies

This is Acacia helping me, and by helping I mean crying because I wouldn't let her "hold you"
It began with going to the store. That may not sound to bad, but here in North Carolina when they call for snow (which they were) everyone goes crazy. They pack the stores buying everything they can. So, non the less a bad day to go to the store. Being from where snow is no big deal I tend to forget that everyone goes crazy. Oh, to top it off my battery died at the store and I had to call my friend to come jump me. It was actually kind of comical to see two pregnant women trying to remember how to jump a car, trying not to get shocked. Oh, good times, good times LOL

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