Monday, December 21, 2009

Rush rush

After getting over 10 inches of snow Friday we had a fun/interesting weekend. Friday was the blizzard, but Josh and Marilynn made it home just fine. Thank God. I was really worried.
Acacia testing out her footing (cowboy boots don't really work well LOL)

Saturday we got up and went outside and built a snowman. It was cute...the head was bigger than the body. It was quite comical. Plus I didn't have anything for the eyes, nose, buttons etc, so we had to compromise and you couldn't hardly see it. Still we had fun. After that we had to get ready to go down to Josh's sisters house for the Christmas dinner. We left an hour early (it only takes about 30 minutes) and it took us over 30 minutes just to get to the main road. It normally takes about 3 minutes. Crazy! There was so much snow and ice. Well, we made it down there fine, late, but fine. The way home was a whole different story. We made it to the top of our driveway and got stuck. Our rear end was in the road and it took forever (shoveling, reverse, forward, reverse...) to move about 5 feet out of the road where we got stuck again. At least we were out of the road. LOL

Our snowman

Acacia sitting next to Uncle Lloyd at the Christmas dinner

Sunday I got up and managed to get the Explorer un-stuck and moved almost all the way to the house before getting stuck again. LOL I then proceeded to shovel and shovel and shovel an area to park the car. Josh came out and helped me, thank goodness. That's hard work (or maybe I'm really out of shape...can I blame this one on pregnancy? ha ha). We decided it would take us a week to try to shovel our whole driveway so we grabbed a bag of salt (from years ago LOL) and went back and forth over the driveway dumping handfuls of salt. I don't know how much it helped, but we managed to get out and back in. Yay!

I finally got some Christmas cards in the mail today. Grr, I normally have them in the mail the first week or so of December. I ran out of cards and had to pick up some more today. So there are some that will be even more late...*sigh*. Oh, well.

We did finish almost all of our Christmas shopping yesterday while Josh's mom watched the girls. I bought the last present today. Woot woot!!

Josh and I watched New Moon last night. I liked it...the books were better, but aren't they always.

While the girls and I were running errands today I decided to treat them. We stopped by Sonic and got Jr Candy Sundae's. Mmmm. I even got Acacia her own. Hee hee. She looked so cute eating it.

Mmmm Ice Cream :-)

Well I guess that's it for now. Hope everyone is having a great (and safe) Christmas week.

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