Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Better late than never

Oh I have been so slack... between being prego, holiday, traveling and everyone taking turns being sick, I haven't even blogged about Christmas yet. So here goes (I'll try to keep it short and sweet).

Christmas Eve

We spent most of the morning trying to clean up the house. We made food for the dinner later at Josh's aunts house. After going to the candle-light service at church we picked up my sister and headed over to Aunt Ruth's house. The roads were still a little nasty from the snow storm a few days before but we made it. Everyone (including people we haven't seen in a few years) was there and of course there was yummy food (I tried my hand at making my friends spaghetti salad and Josh made fudge). After eating and visiting for a few minutes we let the kids open their presents and then the adults play dirty santa. I got the coffee pot I wanted -yey me (mine was broken). The kids got totally spoiled, of course. Then we were off to home to get ready for santa.

Christmas Day

Hannah was the first up, like always, and started getting into her stocking before even waking us up. LOL I think she was so excited about what she got she remembered that we weren't even up yet. We got up and got Acacia up to see what santa had brought. Once Acacia saw her giraffe she almost wouldn't open anything else, almost :-)

The girls were so excited about everything. The highlight of the early am presents (don't get me wrong I loved everything I got) was the new video camera the girls got me. whoot whoot...LOVE IT!

We gathered the girls up to head to NayNay's house (aka my sister, her car couldn't make it up the snow/mud hole we like to call our road). We opened more presents and my sister made us breakfast. Yum. My wondrous sister bought me a food I have always wanted one...yey! On a side note...I forgot my camera for Christmas Eve and couldn't get it to work at Marilynn's house...I did use my new video camera and when I figure out how to download from it I will post a video :-)

After all that we headed home to shower and get ready to go to Josh's sisters house. We had three of Josh's sisters, my sister, his parents and all the kids at this get together. What party would be complete without food? None, we had pizza and other little snacks. I think the only reason we eat all year is to prepare for the holidays LOL. Lots of fun. Now to go home.

December 26th

We met my sister at our friends Glenn and Julie's house for lunch. A delicious homemade ham salad, chips and chocolate cake. After visiting and going over baby names (Julie and I are both prego) we let the kids exchange gifts. We then had to try out the new Aerosmith guitar hero game they got for Christmas, of course. Love guitar hero! Love Aerosmith! Then, because I can't button my pants anymore I needed to run to the mall and get a much wanted/needed belly band. Well, Glenn and Julie decided to go with us. So we did a little shopping and then went to dinner. Great day :-)

December 27th

Happy Birthday little sister!!! Kinda makes me feel old that my little sister turned 25. Oh, how time flies. We made her a chocolate, chocolate chip cake, covered in chocolate icing just like she wanted. We took it to her house and hung out for a little while. I took advantage of her paved driveway (ours was still covered in snow) and cleaned out our car for the trip. Julie and Glenn came over for a little and visited. More baby talk - what do you expect with 2 pregnant women?

On our way home our check transmission light came on. WTF We are supposed to leave in a couple of hours for Florida! *^&*^%#%^&!!! Aaaaa!

December 28th

Trying to distract the kids from the fact that we are not on our way to Grandma's house in Florida. Take the Explorer to 2 different shops and they not only can't tell us what is wrong, but also don't really want to work on it. Frustration, anger and sadness is all setting in. I only get to see my family once a year, if I'm lucky.

Mother-in-law saves the day. Josh's mom says we can borrow her Jeep to go on vacation. Yey!!

So we set up an appointment with the Ford Dealership for when we get back and start packing.

I will leave it at that for this post. I think its plenty long LOL Vacation blog coming soon :-)

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