Monday, January 11, 2010

Florida Trip

Just thought I'd tell you about our Florida trip.
The girls looking at the lake.

We arrived a day late because of our car troubles, but our drive down was pretty painless. I say this because it normally takes us 12 - 14 hours to get to my grandma's. This year we were equipped with the GPS I bought my hubby for his birthday last year and we made it in 9 hours. WOW! This is a huge deal! May I remind you that I have a 6 year old, a 2 year old, my hubby and I am pregnant. We only had one "unauthorized" stop for me to potty :-), the other two were gas stops also. We made it by 11am (we left our house around 2am).

We get there and say our hello's to my grandparents and my dad and meet my dad's girlfriend Jeannie. She is super nice.
Dad, Jeannie, Grandma and me
The girls playing at the park by grandma's house.
The girls chillin on grandma's patio.

After settling in and resting for a while we took the girls out in the golf cart to cruise around. Acacia, just like last year, feel asleep on the ride. After driving around a little we came back to grandma's and ate a wondrous dinner. After dinner we just sat around and visited. It was so nice. That's pretty much what we did everyday LOL (aren't you supposed to be lazy on vacation). One night we took the girls to the town square so they could dance (they have live music almost every night). It was so cute and funny. We had so many people comment on the girls and even some people come sit with us to watch them or to dance with them. Ha ha! I loved it. I wish would could have gone another night but it was surprisingly cold this visit.
Shake your bootie :-)

Unfortunately my dad and Jeannie couldn't stay the whole time we did, so we had to say goodbye to them. It was a great visit though. Hopefully they will come up when the baby is born. Jeannie and I were plotting a trip :-)

Dad, Hannah, Me, Acacia and Grandma

The girls decided to try out dad and Jeannie's bike before they left.

It rained almost all day on Friday so we took the girls to watch Alvin and the Chipmunks 2. It was cute. Then back to grandma's to be lazy some more :-)

Saturday was the day we were coming home. Coming home we don't leave in the middle of the night. We normally wait until early afternoon and make it home around midnight. We weren't really worried considering how well we did on the way down. Well, Hannah said she didn't feel really good, but I just kinda figured she just didn't want to go home. I was wrong. She started throwing up. Oh, fun. After some medicine, she said she was feeling better and wanted to go feed the ducks.

This was before Acacia decided she was brave enought to stand on her own and feed the ducks.

I had promised the girls we would feed the ducks and we hadn't done it yet. So we went and fed the ducks. It was so funny watching Acacia feed the ducks (it was her first time). We get back to grandma's a little later than we wanted (I already had everything packed up and in the car) so we start saying our goodbyes and Hannah starts throwing up again. *sigh* Oh, a 9 plus hour drive home...not going to be fun. So we swipe a roll of paper towels and find a makeshift bucket and hit the road. She was such a trooper. She didn't get sick anymore (thank goodness). She didn't try to eat though either.

Once we hit Georgia we stopped at a McDonald's that had an indoor play area for dinner and let the girls run some energy out. Then on the road again. Apparently with everyone else in the world. The traffic was so bad that through the entire state of Georgia we didn't go over 30 mph. At one point it took us an hour to go 1 mile. 1 MILE!!! We were getting so frustrated. So we decided to put our GPS to work (and throw caution to the wind and trust it). We set it on back roads and took the next exit. Our nine hour drive turned into a 12 hour plus drive. Awesome. Oh, well, at least we made it home. We had a great vacation and can't wait to see them again.

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