Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Licence to...have kids?

I had to take Hannah back to the pediatrician for a lung check after a day of breathing treatments. She is doing better, but has to do the breathing treatments for a few more days. Anyways...when I was getting the kids in the car to leave I saw this...
A woman, a 5/6 year old boy and a newborn get into the nice big truck next to us. The little boy gets in the front seat and the mom hands him the baby. I didn't think much about it, I figured she was getting stuff situated. Nope. Not only did the little boy not get in the back seat or at least a car seat (in NC its 8 yrs old or 80lbs), she drove off with the little boy still holding the baby, also not in a car seat. WTF! Why are people so stupid? My friend says that people should have to have a licence to have kids. I have to agree. I've seen people do a lot of stupid stuff with their kids, but this takes the cake. I was so in shock I went into the pediatricians office and told them but didn't even think to call child services or anything. Wow..I really can't even think of anything else to say...stupid people....


  1. Oh that makes me so mad!! I actually know a lady or rather i knew her before... her daughter was klled by decapitation in a minor fender bender becasue she was in the front seat and was only 3.The air bag deloyed and it was not good. It just takes once split second! I do not know why sme moms dont think about these things!!Maybe i overthink, but i do all i can to protect Baby DIVA!!!