Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Losing things...

My mind is top of the list of things I am losing these days. Everyone is sick around here. My niece Jaylynn had the stomach bug all weekend and Monday also. My sisters boyfriend was kind enough to watch her for me so we didn't have to expose my whole family to it. Of course my sister ended up with bad in fact that she was taken to the ER last night. Jaylynn stayed with me and probably will stay again considering that my sister is still down and now her boyfriend has it too. Happy happy joy joy.

My little terrible two child has been driving me crazy and I finally decided that maybe she just doesn't feel good. She has had a runny nose for a while so I took her to the doctor today. She has another sinus infection. I also went ahead and had the doctor look at Hannah because her sleeping situation has not improved. The doctor is pretty positive that she has sleep apnea and is sending us to a specialist and we will probably have to have her tonsils removed. Yay.

We are having a horrific wind storm right now. Its so bad they actually closed school early. All of the yard toys, including the play house and our bench are MIA. The play house is stuck on the swing set right now...but who knows what will things will look like by morning.

On a happier hubby got to feel the baby move the other morning for the first time :-)

Hope everyone is having a good week.

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