Monday, March 29, 2010


We have been planning a vacation to Pigeon Forge, TN for a couple of months now. We rented a 3 bedroom cabin with a hot tub and a game room. We ordered tickets to the Magic Beyond Belief show and had plans to do some shopping and just have lots of fun. Well, we had some family stuff go on (as said in previous post), but here is what we got to do.

Thursday we headed out (a bit late because my wonderful dogs decided to run off and not come back for a while) and after a stop for lunch and a pit stop for Acacia, we made it to TN.

Acacia's pit stop on the side of the road LOL (thank goodness we had her potty in the car)

Our cabin was very nice. It had a full kitchen, living room, bathroom and master bedroom with jacuzzi tub downstairs; two bedrooms, bathroom, game room with pool table and another living room upstairs; as well as the hot tub out on the deck.
Well, after we all claimed which room we wanted, some made a run to Walmart to get some food. We ate dinner and then most everyone sat in the hot tub for a while. After the kids went to bed the adults played some cards and visited.

Acacia getting ready to get in the hot tub

Friday we went to the outlet mall and did some shopping :-) Being a big 'ol prego I didn't get much for me (although I did get some pj's). Half the group got tired and went back to the cabin and then I had to be the party pooper in our group...this baby apparently didn't want me to walk anymore ha ha. So, we all met up at the cabin, ate some dinner and then headed out to play. We went to an old time photo place and Tina and Cherish got their picture done. After playing around a little we headed back to the cabin. Well, Amy, Tina, Margaret and I, decided to be wild and crazy and go to a karaoke bar while Josh babysat. :-) I know, I know...I looked like mother of the year, pregnant in a bar...but I only drank Coke and I didn't even attempt to get out on the dance floor. I was designated driver thank you LOL. We had a great time watching everyone make a fool of themselves!

Acacia covering herself in stickers on the short drive to go play LOL

Grandma Margaret, Acacia, Hannah and Zane playing games

Saturday is when we got news that Josh's great grandma had a stroke. Well, we had tickets to go to the magic show and after many phone calls and much deliberation...we decided to go to the magic show. Don't think us horrible, we thought everything was alright. The family that was with her all said she was doing fine. Well, at the start of the show we got a phone call that said the doctors didn't think she would make it. So, most of the group headed back home to be with her. My family stayed (again, don't judge us...long story, but we had our reasons) and let the kids finish watching the show. The others didn't even go back to the cabin...we said we would bring their stuff. After some phone calls and some more deliberation, we gave in and took the kids mini golfing. Then we headed back to the cabin to start packing everyone stuff up.

Getting ready to go into the Magic show

Playing mini golf
So, I think our kids had a good time regardless and we had a couple of days of fun, before the stress began.
Hope everyone had a great weekend.

To start

First and foremost, I would like to ask everyone to pray for my husbands family. My husbands grandfather (his dad's dad) had a stroke last week. After knowing he was ok, we went on our planned vacation with Josh's mom and sister. Well two days into our vacation, Josh's great grandma (his step dad's grandma) had a stroke. It doesn't look good. They called in the family Saturday night. So please keep this family in your prayers.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Time out

Every night I read to the girls (or Hannah will read sometimes, if we have time). Tonight, my niece had already been in time out earlier and was sent to bed early. While she was in my room, with the door shut (its hard to read out loud when a 4 year old is screaming they want out of time out) I read to the girls. When we were done I asked Hannah to put her book away and Acacia to do the same. Acacia set her book on the floor, said no and started to walk off. I told her she didn't tell me no, come back and get her book and put it away. She looked at me, very seriously and said "No, I'm in time out" and walked to the time out corner and sat down. Hannah and I looked at each other in surprise, trying not to laugh. I asked her again to put her book away and again she told me she was in time out. So, I told her she could get out of time out and come put her book away. "Ok, mommy" and she came and put her book away.

How funny is that. I know I am bias, but she is the cutest ever!

Obsess much

Ok, so I fell in love with these bags and convinced my hubby that not only did I need one, but both girls need one too. Ha ha. I know, I know...but they are so cute :-)

My friend Julie and her family came by over the weekend and I finally got a picture of her baby, Alex. So here is Hannah holding Alex.
Thats all I got :-)
Now I must go clean house.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patricks Day

I am always prepared :-)
Hope everyone had a great day.

Monday, March 15, 2010

On the mend

I think (fingers crossed) that everyone is finally getting better. We had a good weekend. Saturday we had a little aggravating moment when our babysitter cancelled on us last minute, but we gathered my sister-in-law and all the kids and went to Red Lobster anyways. I had some snow crab, which I had been craving, and it was delicious. We went to church Sunday (which we hadn't done in a month or more) and it nice. I forgot how much I like going to church. After church we met up with my sister and mother in law for lunch, then went to their house and hung out for a little bit. Just a nice relaxing weekend.
Today I went for my 3rd ultrasound. After having such a hard time getting pictures of the baby last time, the ultrasound tech told me to have some caffeine and sugar before my appointment. So...I had a large coffee and a doughnut and the baby still wouldn't move for us. She could barely get the pictures she needed and the baby wouldn't open its legs no matter what we did. I even laid on my side to try to get it to move. Stubborn baby :-)
Oh, well. I get to have a 4D ultrasound in 3 weeks, maybe the baby will be more cooperative next time LOL
Today was a beautiful, sunny (although windy) day. So we played outside for a while.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Yay for slow days

I really don't have much to blog about today. Acacia slept through the night last night..yay. I think she is feeling so much better. We take her back to the doctor tomorrow, keep your fingers crossed LOL. Its been a raining dreary day, resulting in no soccer practice for Hannah tonight. That is fine by me (probably shouldn't have Acacia out in this weather anyways). So I just thought I'd share a picture or two with everyone.

Acacia doing her breathing treatment...its cute, yet pitiful at the same time LOL
Acacia rollerskating for the first time
Hannah trying to rollerskate haha :-)
6 months along :-)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Another crazy day

Ok, so I am starting to feel like one of those moms that rushes to the doctor for every little thing. Last night Acacia's fever got to 104.9. I managed to get it down and it has stayed at around 100 all day. She has cried off and on saying her belly hurt, so I called the doctor today and they told me to bring her in. Her belly pain is left over from the flu stuff, but now she has pneumonia and a bacteria infection. After chest xrays and blood work the doctor call us back in the office (after hours) and gave her a shot because her white blood count is too high too. She has to be on meds for 10 days and we have to take her back tomorrow so the doctor can make sure she isn't getting worse. *sigh...I mean SIGH* It has been quite the week. Tomorrow we have doctor appointments all day between everyone. Fun, fun.
Hopefully everyone is having a better week than we are :-)

Hopefully one of these days I won't be whining in my blogs LOL

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Come on already

So apparently I spoke too soon. At 3am this morning, Acacia was coughing so bad when I went to check on her she didn't want to go back to sleep. So I brought her in my bed...well she never went back to sleep. At around 6am we put her back in her bed and she finally fell back asleep. Well, at 6:30am Hannah comes in crying saying she threw up. *sigh* So after no sleep we have been dealing with Hannah all morning.
Its going to be a coffee day I think LOL

Monday, March 8, 2010

All better

I pulled an over-protective mom and took Acacia to the doctor today. I turns out she had the flu. She acts like she is feeling much better today, thank goodness.

It was beautiful today...67 degrees! Acacia and I actually got a little pink, playing outside today :-) I managed to shampoo the carpet in the Oldsmobile. Wahoo! So, it doesn't look brand new, but it smells better (it smell musty) and I feel better knowing its clean. Yay. I've had a very productive day and it feels great. I love the sun :-) I guess I need to enjoy it while it lasts. Its supposed to rain for at least a week in a few days.

I just thought I'd post this picture of my little one in her new pj's. (ignore her poor little chapped cheeks)
These pj's suit her perfectly she loves her cookies :-)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

figured it out

Oh...I think I figured it out :)


Why will my blog not show when I press enter?!? It still runs all my stuff together! I have tried and tried to get this fixed. Anyone have any ideas?

Crazy/Fun weekend

Acacia's cough was getting worse so we took her to the pediatrician and it ended up she has the croup. After bribery of a sticker and a pink plastic ring, she got a shot of medicine (with only a few tears) and we were done. Then we headed to Morganton to the Asian food store for the ingredients for egg rolls. After Josh headed to work, I picked Hannah up from school and headed to the store. By store I mean Walmart and the grocery store *sigh*. No, it really wasn't too bad. The girls and I unloaded the groceries and cleaned up the house a little bit before calling it a night.

Josh had to work 1st, so it was up to the girls and I to finish cleaning the house before our friends came over. Acacia was a little fussy and still coughing so I gave her some medicine and tried to get the house clean. Acacia started running a low fever, but after some Tylenol and a nap she seemed fine. Luckily Josh was able to get done at a decent time and made it home before our friends showed up (yay, I wasn't quite done and he helped me finish up). Then the Tunks, Tuppers -plus a guest, my sister (for a few minutes), and my sister in law and her kids all showed up for the egg roll "party". I have been craving egg rolls :-) Well, we didn't have enough pork, so the girls and I left the men with the kids and ran to the store and then grabbed some fried rice from the Japanese place in town (ok, so I was only craving egg rolls and didn't think of serving anything else...prego brain at work again LOL). Everyone pitched in and helped roll the egg rolls and in no time we were chowing down. Mmmmm yummy!! I just love homemade egg rolls :-)
Everything was going nicely...people were eating, kids were playing the Wii, everyone was having a good time. Then, right in the living room, in the middle of everything... Acacia throws up. Yay. So I rush her to the bathroom where she tells me "Mommy, I spit it out" bless her heart. She was all shaky and her fever was back. Josh cleaned up, but needless to say it put a little damper on the fun. The Tuppers decided to leave, which I think they were getting ready to leave anyways. The have a newborn and the Julie was tired.
I sat with Acacia most of the time, but we still had fun. Tina hung around for a while, then she and Cherish left. The Tunks stayed and we played Band Hero for a few hours. Fun, fun :-)
I was getting worried about Acacia, but I think she was having an allergic reaction. She had a rash around where the shot was given, her heart was beating fast and she was breathing short, fast breaths. I decided that I would feel better if she slept with me, so she did. Her fever never got over 101, but she was so pitiful all night.

After a restless night, my wonderful hubby let me lay back down. I ended up sleeping until almost 2pm! Wow, I must have really needed it LOL. Acacia has seemed better today. Breathing and heart seem normal now. She has still kept a fever all day of 100 or 101, but she has acted like she feels better. She even ate some today. I will call the doctor tomorrow, but for now I feel better. My friend came over for a little bit and we played Band Hero with her (she had never played before) and had a good time. After she left Josh laid down for a nap :-)
The girls and I played outside for a little bit, but it started to get to cold. Now I am waiting for Josh and Hannah to come home with dinner :-)

Hope everyone had a good weekend :-)

Thursday, March 4, 2010


24 weeks... Well, almost. This weekend I will be 24 weeks. *sigh* The baby moves and my belly is growing and all is good. But...
Ok, so the doctor told me that this pregnancy (the 3rd pregnancy) would be harder. It would be more painful. I will be honest, I just brushed it off. I thought, please, I have had two children already...I know what its like to be pregnant. Besides...technical this isn't my 3rd pregnancy...its my 6th. So I didn't have all the babies...still, I know what I'm doing. Bllllaaaaa! I hurt :( *whine, whine, whine* I feel so helpless. Your not supposed to do anything that makes you hurt or is "too much". What if that is everything! I don't feel like I can do anything, vacuum, mop, sweep...even give the dogs a bath. Grrr! There is so much that needs to be done and I can't hardly do anything. Huh. *sigh (loudly)

Ok...sorry, a horrible whiny post. I'll try to have a more up-beat one next time :-)