Monday, March 8, 2010

All better

I pulled an over-protective mom and took Acacia to the doctor today. I turns out she had the flu. She acts like she is feeling much better today, thank goodness.

It was beautiful today...67 degrees! Acacia and I actually got a little pink, playing outside today :-) I managed to shampoo the carpet in the Oldsmobile. Wahoo! So, it doesn't look brand new, but it smells better (it smell musty) and I feel better knowing its clean. Yay. I've had a very productive day and it feels great. I love the sun :-) I guess I need to enjoy it while it lasts. Its supposed to rain for at least a week in a few days.

I just thought I'd post this picture of my little one in her new pj's. (ignore her poor little chapped cheeks)
These pj's suit her perfectly she loves her cookies :-)


  1. Her poor cheeks, but it make her look so cute! Glad she is feeling better!

  2. Thank you :-) She is back to her crazy self LOL
    Maybe with these few days of nice weather I can "air" out the house and get rid of any and all germs.