Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Another crazy day

Ok, so I am starting to feel like one of those moms that rushes to the doctor for every little thing. Last night Acacia's fever got to 104.9. I managed to get it down and it has stayed at around 100 all day. She has cried off and on saying her belly hurt, so I called the doctor today and they told me to bring her in. Her belly pain is left over from the flu stuff, but now she has pneumonia and a bacteria infection. After chest xrays and blood work the doctor call us back in the office (after hours) and gave her a shot because her white blood count is too high too. She has to be on meds for 10 days and we have to take her back tomorrow so the doctor can make sure she isn't getting worse. *sigh...I mean SIGH* It has been quite the week. Tomorrow we have doctor appointments all day between everyone. Fun, fun.
Hopefully everyone is having a better week than we are :-)

Hopefully one of these days I won't be whining in my blogs LOL

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