Sunday, March 7, 2010

Crazy/Fun weekend

Acacia's cough was getting worse so we took her to the pediatrician and it ended up she has the croup. After bribery of a sticker and a pink plastic ring, she got a shot of medicine (with only a few tears) and we were done. Then we headed to Morganton to the Asian food store for the ingredients for egg rolls. After Josh headed to work, I picked Hannah up from school and headed to the store. By store I mean Walmart and the grocery store *sigh*. No, it really wasn't too bad. The girls and I unloaded the groceries and cleaned up the house a little bit before calling it a night.

Josh had to work 1st, so it was up to the girls and I to finish cleaning the house before our friends came over. Acacia was a little fussy and still coughing so I gave her some medicine and tried to get the house clean. Acacia started running a low fever, but after some Tylenol and a nap she seemed fine. Luckily Josh was able to get done at a decent time and made it home before our friends showed up (yay, I wasn't quite done and he helped me finish up). Then the Tunks, Tuppers -plus a guest, my sister (for a few minutes), and my sister in law and her kids all showed up for the egg roll "party". I have been craving egg rolls :-) Well, we didn't have enough pork, so the girls and I left the men with the kids and ran to the store and then grabbed some fried rice from the Japanese place in town (ok, so I was only craving egg rolls and didn't think of serving anything else...prego brain at work again LOL). Everyone pitched in and helped roll the egg rolls and in no time we were chowing down. Mmmmm yummy!! I just love homemade egg rolls :-)
Everything was going nicely...people were eating, kids were playing the Wii, everyone was having a good time. Then, right in the living room, in the middle of everything... Acacia throws up. Yay. So I rush her to the bathroom where she tells me "Mommy, I spit it out" bless her heart. She was all shaky and her fever was back. Josh cleaned up, but needless to say it put a little damper on the fun. The Tuppers decided to leave, which I think they were getting ready to leave anyways. The have a newborn and the Julie was tired.
I sat with Acacia most of the time, but we still had fun. Tina hung around for a while, then she and Cherish left. The Tunks stayed and we played Band Hero for a few hours. Fun, fun :-)
I was getting worried about Acacia, but I think she was having an allergic reaction. She had a rash around where the shot was given, her heart was beating fast and she was breathing short, fast breaths. I decided that I would feel better if she slept with me, so she did. Her fever never got over 101, but she was so pitiful all night.

After a restless night, my wonderful hubby let me lay back down. I ended up sleeping until almost 2pm! Wow, I must have really needed it LOL. Acacia has seemed better today. Breathing and heart seem normal now. She has still kept a fever all day of 100 or 101, but she has acted like she feels better. She even ate some today. I will call the doctor tomorrow, but for now I feel better. My friend came over for a little bit and we played Band Hero with her (she had never played before) and had a good time. After she left Josh laid down for a nap :-)
The girls and I played outside for a little bit, but it started to get to cold. Now I am waiting for Josh and Hannah to come home with dinner :-)

Hope everyone had a good weekend :-)

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  1. O my goodness. I see what you mean. Poor Acacia and poor mommy! Get Better!