Monday, March 15, 2010

On the mend

I think (fingers crossed) that everyone is finally getting better. We had a good weekend. Saturday we had a little aggravating moment when our babysitter cancelled on us last minute, but we gathered my sister-in-law and all the kids and went to Red Lobster anyways. I had some snow crab, which I had been craving, and it was delicious. We went to church Sunday (which we hadn't done in a month or more) and it nice. I forgot how much I like going to church. After church we met up with my sister and mother in law for lunch, then went to their house and hung out for a little bit. Just a nice relaxing weekend.
Today I went for my 3rd ultrasound. After having such a hard time getting pictures of the baby last time, the ultrasound tech told me to have some caffeine and sugar before my appointment. So...I had a large coffee and a doughnut and the baby still wouldn't move for us. She could barely get the pictures she needed and the baby wouldn't open its legs no matter what we did. I even laid on my side to try to get it to move. Stubborn baby :-)
Oh, well. I get to have a 4D ultrasound in 3 weeks, maybe the baby will be more cooperative next time LOL
Today was a beautiful, sunny (although windy) day. So we played outside for a while.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.

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  1. oh that silly baby! I think i am getting anxious over what is growng in there!!But sounds like all is well and healthy!