Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Time out

Every night I read to the girls (or Hannah will read sometimes, if we have time). Tonight, my niece had already been in time out earlier and was sent to bed early. While she was in my room, with the door shut (its hard to read out loud when a 4 year old is screaming they want out of time out) I read to the girls. When we were done I asked Hannah to put her book away and Acacia to do the same. Acacia set her book on the floor, said no and started to walk off. I told her she didn't tell me no, come back and get her book and put it away. She looked at me, very seriously and said "No, I'm in time out" and walked to the time out corner and sat down. Hannah and I looked at each other in surprise, trying not to laugh. I asked her again to put her book away and again she told me she was in time out. So, I told her she could get out of time out and come put her book away. "Ok, mommy" and she came and put her book away.

How funny is that. I know I am bias, but she is the cutest ever!

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