Tuesday, April 13, 2010



I guess there wasn't a whole lot going on Friday, just soccer practice. Hmmm...I was thinking there was something, but my prego brain is not helping me. Oh, duh... We had our 4D ultrasound Friday. It was awesome, but I already blogged about it :-)

Baby feet :-)


Because of our wonderful water problem, we ran to the laundrymat to do some laundry in the morning. Then we headed to Hannah's soccer game. Of course it was sunny and hot, so we all got sunburned :( They don't keep score, but between you and me...we got our butt kicked LOL

After the game we stopped by Jack Frost for some ice cream (the best homemade ice cream ever!). Then we went to Josh's pawpaw's house to do some yard work. After Josh mowed the grass we went home. We set up the new patio set the girls and I got Josh for his birthday. Well, I convinced Josh that I needed to take him to dinner for his birthday. So, I called up some friends and they met us at Papa's and Beer, a mexican restaurant in Asheville. It was so good, not only the food, but the company too. On the way home we stopped by Walmart and ended up getting Josh another Wii game :-) Then home to bed.


Well, since it was actually Josh's birthday, I got up with the girls and let him sleep in. Then his sister called and we met her and her kids up at Curtis Creek. The weather was so nice. The kids had a blast playing in the creek and we had a nice little picnic too. After that we went to Josh's parents house for dinner. Josh's dad had shot a turkey that morning, so he fried up some turkey nuggets LOL and some homemade french fries. It was actually really good.

Hannah and Zane looking for tadpoles

Acacia riding in the boat

All in all, we had a nice weekend.

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