Monday, May 3, 2010

Mean Mom

My two year old is doing so well potty training. She hasn't wore a diaper in weeks (except the one I put on her after she was asleep and we had a 45 min drive home the other night, but it was dry in the morning :-) ). But at the same time we turned her bed into a big girl I know better than to do "big" things at the same time... *sigh* She is doing good on both fronts, except, when its bed time she gets up many, many times. She uses the excuse that she has to potty, and sometimes she does, but tonight after potty and drink, then potty again...I finally fussed at her and told her she had to stay in her bed. This of course was met with, five minutes later, "I have to potty". So after one more try to potty, I told her that she could no longer get up. After some crying I was told that I was mean. Nice. My two year old is already telling me I'm mean. *sigh*

On another note, we had a pretty good weekend. Friday after Hannah's soccer practice we went to our friends house and hung out for a while (added bonus...Josh had the day off). Saturday Hannah had a soccer game and did awesome. We didn't win, but we didn't get creamed like normal LOL. As a matter of fact, Hannah scored a goal. I was so proud of her. We made homemade bbq and had several friends over for a night of Band Hero and Super Mario Brothers on the Wii. FUN! We really had a blast.
Sunday I bought my little boy an outfit. This is the first outfit that we have bought him. I have to say, it is really hard to shop for a boy when I have been shopping for girls for so many years LOL.

Well...I have quiet coming from Acacia's room...maybe she finally went to sleep.

Hope everyone had a great weekend. :-)


  1. Way to go on the potty training and Big girl bed. It may seem hard now but you will have her whipped into shape before you pop, lol.

  2. Oh, I hope your right :-)
    It only took an hour of getting up and down tonight...last night it was two fingers crossed LOL