Thursday, May 13, 2010

What a day...

I had my normal check up today. All was good. The baby's heartbeat is good, my weight gain is good, blood pressure, belly size...all that was good. I had a few questions about some pain I have been in so they checked me and I am dilated a tiny bit, but nothing to get excited about. I was just told to keep and eye on my contractions I've been having on and off and to rest. Ok, I will try my best (come on I do have two kids already, rest can be hard to come by sometimes).

After dinner, my wonderful little girl, who is doing so well potty training, thought she had gas...well it was a bit more than that. All gruesome details aside, I had to clean the carpet from the living room all the way down the hall to the bathroom. No big deal. Comes with potty training. So I grab the carpet shampooer and get ready to clean...well I turn it on and a horrible smell comes out of it. It then dawns on me that the water wasn't dumped out from the last time it was used. Unfortunately the last time we used it was when Hannah threw up last week. EEEwwww! So I had to go clean the shampooer before I could use it. Awesome. The best part, when I went to rinse it out the eewww water splashed up in my face. Double awesome. Ha ha. Part of being a mom I guess. LOL

Well, my hubby is home from work so I guess I'll go love on him ;-)
Have a great weekend.


  1. Ewwww!!!! That whole story is just so awful!....and being pregnancy with an increased sense of smell makes it worse! I'm totally cringing for you!

  2. oh girl how ironice i am reading this today. when i was preggo we had hurricane IKE and my great grandmother came to stay with us. She had one of those moments you are discussing here in this post. I decided i was not ready to be a mother because at 7 months preggo i had to clean the floor from my granny. So fast forward to baby being 18 months old. Amelia, i kid you not, had the runs today all over the floor in the exact same place as my granny!

    UGH! I am so sorry you had that happen. I am beginning to think its a rite of passage into the motherhood!!