Friday, July 23, 2010


Today started out like any normal day. Baby slept good (once I finally got him to sleep). Paid bills. Ate lunch. All good. Then Hannah came up to me and said she had something on her head. A tic. Yes, a tic. *shiver* Eeewww! I can deal with most things...a tic, not so much. Of course I don't want Hannah to freak out so I keep my screaming like a little girl inside my head and take her to the bathroom to try to get this thing off her. Where we live I see tics all the time, but my wonderful hubby always deals with them and they have never been on my children. *sigh* So I try all the things I can think of and the stupid little thing won't come out. Well, of course Josh is at work as well as almost everyone else I know. I call fellow stay at home mom aka sister in law Tina. With her help we got it out. So gross!
Well, all that fun is over, now I have a diaper to change. To go along with my day the diaper pail is stuck. So I mess and mess with it finally getting it to open. In the process I manage to slice a chunk of flesh off my finger. Awesome. Off to scrub my hands and get bandaged up.
Thankfully my day did not get any worse. We have had a fairly pleasant evening. Too bad we all have to work yet another Saturday. *sigh* Oh well. Such is life.

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