Monday, August 30, 2010

Liam was cracking up at Acacia. Too cute :)

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Weekend fun

We had a great weekend. Saturday we went to our friends house. We played Band Hero and went to eat at a mexican resturant in Spruce Pine. I pulled a total blond moment at the resturant...I apparently didn't pay attention to what I ordered and ordered something I wouldn't eat LOL. Oh well. Josh liked it :) No big deal. Acacia didn't want her rice so I ate that instead. We really had a good time.
Sunday we were just going to be lazy all day, but my sister called and told us to come over for dinner. So we headed over there and had fajitas and the girls played in the pool. Good times.
I am super excited for next weekend...its the Apple Festival. I know, I'm a dork :~)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Happy boy

We have had a good/busy week. School started Wednesday and I think Hannah is going to like her teacher. Unfortunatly we may have problems with the bus driver :(
So far our first time on the bus has been interesting. Anywho, hope everyone is having a great week.

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Adventures out and about

Even though my hubby had to work 12 hours Friday and Saturday, Sunday we took the kids to the Nature Center in Asheville. It was so cute! Like a little zoo. It wasn't expensive and the girls loved it. There were snakes, birds, bears, foxes...we even got to watch them feed the deer. The butterfly exhibit was still going on. I held a butterfly (everyone else was chicken LOL). I think we will have to come back next summer too.
After we were done we headed to Papa's & Beer, a mexican resturant we love. It was always.
It was a great day with the family. :~)

Saturday I took the kids to Amy and Daniels house to hang out. We had fun. It was nice to talk to adults for a change ;~)

Oh ya, on a side note...I broke down and bought a Wii fit. I love it. Hopefully it will help me lose the last few pregnancy pounds (and more).

Hope everyone had a great weekend too.

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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My 1st review

I signed up to receive a free sample of BRYTONPICK and blog about it a month or more ago. When I received my package in the mail I was so excited. We just so happened to be getting ready to eat lunch. Perfect timing.
First let me tell you a little about this product. It is a reusable
stainless steel flossing instrument. The instructions tell you to gently insert it between your teeth and slide inside-out.
I gently start to slide it between my teeth and right away cut my gums. I continue, determinded to use the product. My teeth are very tight and I cannot fit it between most of my teeth and I had a hard time with the metalic feel when I could get it to fit.
First impression...I don't care for it. I figured that I need to give it a chance so I used it for about a week. This product is just not for me. Between my adversion to the metalic feel of it and it not fitting between most of my teeth, it just didn't work for me.
My husband tried it because it said it would work with braces, but also complained about it cutting his gums.
It is handy that this is reusable, and I will probably keep it in my purse for those times when we are out and about.

I was not paid or compensated in any monetary form to do this review. I received a product to try and the remarks are of my own opinions.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Ice cream and shooting stars

Last night was a meteor shower. So I let the kids stay up late and after dark we headed outside to check it out. After being outside for about 30 seconds I was met with cries of "I don't see any shooting stars" and "I'm scared". I was just about to give up when Hannah saw a shooting star. We all stared in the direction that she saw it. Wahoo I saw another one. Unfortunatly I was the only one and after several more minutes (along with more complants) we gave up and came inside. Oh well. We tried.

Earlier, while trying to pass the time I can across a reciept for 5 minute ice cream. Alright!  Looks easy and fun for the kids. So I gather the ingredents and we get started. One child was excited, one child could have cared less, and one child wanted to know why I wasn't getting my shoes on so we could go get ice cream. Once I got the ingredents in the little bags and the little bags in the big bags of ice and told them to shake it they got more interested. For about 1 minute. "My hands are cold" "My arms are tired" **sigh**
When the ice cream was finally ready I was met with cries of joy... until we tried it. "I don't like it" "Me either" (it did call for a little more vanilla than it really needed I think) *sigh, again*
Strike 2. Maybe things will go better with home made doughnuts.

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Monday, August 9, 2010

Productive weekend

This weekend in wonderful NC it was tax-free weekend for school stuff (including clothes). So, of course, we went to get Hannah's school supplies. Well, while we were shopping we noticed all of the good sales they were having everywhere. After getting everything Hannah needs we did a little shopping :)
Josh and I had a "date day" planned for Sunday anyway so we grabbed that opportunity to do a little Christmas shopping. We managed to probably get 3/4 of our Christmas shopping done. Yay! Plus we enjoyed a dinner at Olive Garden and desert later at Cold Stone Creamery. Yummy! An added bonus...we were almost alone. Liam went with us, but he didn't complain too much LOL. I was even able to score some new nursing bras, panties (not from VS, we will see if I like them as well), and a nursing shirt. Wahoo!! I never get to buy myself anything. Super excited.

On another note, the movie Kick Ass is not a comedy. You may already know that but I thought it was a comedy and trust me it is not. It was...well...kind of disturbing. I won't say anymore. Don't want to spoil it for anyone.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.

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Hannah was helping me today by holding Liam. Isn't that the sweetest thing ever :-)

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hannah, my niece Jaylynn, and Acacia walking our dirt road.

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Well, we haven't done much lately. Josh has had to work 6 days a week for weeks now. That kinda puts a damper on things. Bless his heart, he is normaly pretty worn out by Sunday.
I tried taking the girls to the splash pad last week. Hannah loved it (she always has), but Acacia hated it. I was afraid of that, which is why I haven't taken them until now. I probably wouldn't have even now but my SIL wanted to take her kids and invited us to go. After the park we headed to Walmart and ended up having a blast. A blast at Walmart? Yes. They were having a scavenger hunt. It was fun and the kids all got little treat bags. Fun fun.
Saturday I took the kids to the flea market. We wondered for a little bit and I scored a cover for my phone, a screen protector, and a car charger for $20. Yey me :D.
Sunday Josh was worn out so we decided to be a bit lazy (he did work 6 day...2 of them 12 hours). So we grabbed some dinner, rented a couple of movies, and got some ice cream, and headed home. We had a very nice evening.

Yesterday it wasn't so hot that you couldn't breath so I took the kids for a walk down our dirt road. They had a was nice, but still so humid.
Hope everyone had a great weekend.

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