Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Adventures out and about

Even though my hubby had to work 12 hours Friday and Saturday, Sunday we took the kids to the Nature Center in Asheville. It was so cute! Like a little zoo. It wasn't expensive and the girls loved it. There were snakes, birds, bears, foxes...we even got to watch them feed the deer. The butterfly exhibit was still going on. I held a butterfly (everyone else was chicken LOL). I think we will have to come back next summer too.
After we were done we headed to Papa's & Beer, a mexican resturant we love. It was awesome...like always.
It was a great day with the family. :~)

Saturday I took the kids to Amy and Daniels house to hang out. We had fun. It was nice to talk to adults for a change ;~)

Oh ya, on a side note...I broke down and bought a Wii fit. I love it. Hopefully it will help me lose the last few pregnancy pounds (and more).

Hope everyone had a great weekend too.

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