Friday, August 13, 2010

Ice cream and shooting stars

Last night was a meteor shower. So I let the kids stay up late and after dark we headed outside to check it out. After being outside for about 30 seconds I was met with cries of "I don't see any shooting stars" and "I'm scared". I was just about to give up when Hannah saw a shooting star. We all stared in the direction that she saw it. Wahoo I saw another one. Unfortunatly I was the only one and after several more minutes (along with more complants) we gave up and came inside. Oh well. We tried.

Earlier, while trying to pass the time I can across a reciept for 5 minute ice cream. Alright!  Looks easy and fun for the kids. So I gather the ingredents and we get started. One child was excited, one child could have cared less, and one child wanted to know why I wasn't getting my shoes on so we could go get ice cream. Once I got the ingredents in the little bags and the little bags in the big bags of ice and told them to shake it they got more interested. For about 1 minute. "My hands are cold" "My arms are tired" **sigh**
When the ice cream was finally ready I was met with cries of joy... until we tried it. "I don't like it" "Me either" (it did call for a little more vanilla than it really needed I think) *sigh, again*
Strike 2. Maybe things will go better with home made doughnuts.

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