Thursday, September 23, 2010


I try to be fun with the kids. Sometimes I feel like I am always saying "No...quiet down....stop running...pick up...stop fighting!" So when we don't have a hundred things to do I try to do a fun activity. Today I decided to surprise the kids by doing something I save for long drives (and haven't done in years). I let the AC blow bubbles while we were waiting at the bus stop. They went crazy! It was so funny. Right before Hannah got in the car we filled it with as many bubbles as we could. Hannah opened the door with this crazy look on her face...she said something about it looking like lots of bugs in the car. When she turned to close the door I blew a bunch more...she though that was the coolest thing ever. Score one for mommy ;~) 
I guess I'm on a roll today. Acacia told me I was such a nice mommy (I handed her toliet paper haha LOL). Woo hoo!

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