Monday, September 20, 2010

Don't worry

The other day I told the girls to pick up toys. Acacia has a hard time staying on task sometimes, so I usually tell her what to pick up. I told her to pick up her blocks. She sat down and started picking up. After a few minutes she turns to me and says "Don't worry about me mommy. Don't worry." I said ok and she finished picking up. Haha I just thought it was so...from out of no where, it was funny.
Last night I decided to take a nice hot bubble bath. Well of course I don't get to be alone ;~) Here comes Acacia. "Ow mommy, you have bubbles! Can I touch the bubbles?" After getting permission to play in the bubbles she decided that since I didn't have as much bubbles by my head she needed to move the bubbles from my feet area to my head area. "Don't worry mommy. I'll fix it for you." LOL I just love her. She is so silly.

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