Monday, September 27, 2010

Friday Friends

Liam chilling waiting for us to eat.

Josh had to work Saturday (of course) so our weekend was limited to one day. He didn't get home until after midnight so we skipped church so he could sleep in a little, but ended up having a great day. We have been wanting to try this resturant in Morganton, Friday Friends, so we went there for lunch. It was really good :)
The Greenway (a walkway along the Catawba river) is right there.. actually the resturant over looked the river, very pretty... so we decided to walk along it for a bit. It is so beautiful. I wish I had brought my phone or camera or something :( but we will go back. We were enjoying the walk so much that by the time we turned around and went back to the car we had walked almost 3 miles.
We stopped by Kmart on the way home and Josh bought me the steam mop I have been wanting for my birthday. Woohoo :)
When we got home my back was really hurting (that's a whole different blog entry) so I poured myself a cold glass of wine and headed to a hot bubble bath. By the time I got out my hubby had made dinner and the kids were in the bath. Nice :)
This morning I was feeling a little froggy so I vacuumed my ceiling. It needed it so bad and looks so, so much better. The, because we have that stupid "popcorn" ceiling, I vacuumed the floor too. I also managed to sweep and try out my new steam mop. Now...if I could only slay the laundry monster....

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  1. I have a steam mom and it's AWESOME!!! I hope you love yours as much as I love mine!