Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor day weekend

I was afraid our Labor day weekend would be spent home with sick kids. Acacia and Liam went to the doctor Thursday and they both had strep throat. Thankfully they felt better by the weekend.
Saturday we met up with our friends the Tunks and went to the Apple Festival in Hendersonville. It was a beautiful day. Unfortunatly there were so many people there we could hardly walk around. After a couple hours we were all done with the crowds so we decided to go have an early dinner. We wanted to take the Tunks to Scoggins. Yummy. The food is so super good. After dinner went came back to our house and enjoyed the wonderful weather by sitting outside most of the evening.
Sunday the weather was so nice again that I filled up the kids pool and they played in it while I washed the car. The Tuppers called and invited us over for dinner, so I got Liam to nap and made a chocolate cake to take with us. We had a really nice evening visiting.
Monday we were super lazy all day :~) I didn't feel 100% so Josh took the kids to his moms to visit for a little bit while I rested. After a nap, a shower and a yummy omelet I felt much better.
Today we have been trying to get the house clean. My older sister is coming to NC tonight and I wanted the house clean.

Lovely three day weekend. Hope everyone had a good one too.

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