Monday, October 4, 2010

Birthday weekend

Acacia enjoying a cookie at the mall.

So I am officially 31. I can remember when I thought 30 was SO old ha ha. Its funny how that changes the older you get.

My sister had tickets to PINKS ALL OUT drag race at Bristol and had invited us to go with her...but we decided that it wouldn't be the best idea to take Liam (and I don't have enough milk stored up to leave him all day) because of the noise level. So, Josh and Hannah went with them. At first Hannah didn't like it but they ended up having a great time. I need some new pants, so Acacia, Liam and I drove to Hickory to see if I could find some clothes. Most stores were having a great sale on everything but womens pants...of course. I found some more Christmas presents and my friends sons birthday present, but no pants for me. Well thats not entirely true, but I couldn't bring myself to pay $40 or more for the pants I found.
I thought I would be nice and take Acacia over to the play area because she was being so good. Man o man! That was crazy! The kids were so loud and wild, Acacia wouldn't even play at first. When she finally got brave enough so venture onto the closest thing she looked petrified. She wouldn't go very far from me and I had to keep "saving" her from crazy kids. Bless her heart. She is so shy anyways and to not have her older sissy with her, I don't think she knew how to act.
After that craziness we got a pretzel and a cookie before heading to Target to grab some diapers (love the Target brand diapers), then home. By the time we got home, Josh and Hannah were getting home too. We were all hungry so we went to dinner at Fatz Cafe (I had a free birthday dinner to cash in). Yummy. By the time we got home we were all so tired we all stumbled on to bed.

Sunday my birthday :~)
We went to church and enjoyed a great service. After church we normally go by Joshs pawpaws house to visit, so we stopped by there for a bit. My mother-in-law wanted to take us to lunch for my birthday (who am I to argue heehee) so we went to Mi Pueblitos for a yummy lunch. After stuffing ourselves we met my sister at our house. She brought me a supper good Cappuccino Torte cake, ice cream and a pretty balloon. The cake was AWESOME!
Well, since I couldn't find any pants at the mall we all ran to Morganton to Kmart. Now here is where I got spoiled :) Josh and the girls had already got me a steam mop for my birthday...but I left Kmart with 2 pairs of jeans and 5 new tops. :~D Not to mention we got Hannah a new dress and 2 pairs of boots; Josh got a couple of outfits and found some more Christmas presents. I know, I know...we went crazy. But it was great! Of course now we have to hide the credit card LOL
Yey! Now I actually have clothes that aren't ripped or stained. Woohoo! Ha ha.

Hope everyone else had a great weekend too.

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