Monday, October 25, 2010

Getting ready

Liam's 1st pumk'n (LOL)
Hannah's "mad cat" pumpkin &
Acacia's "lite brite" pumpkin

Josh had to work this weekend :( so we only had one whole day together as a family. But...we made the best of it. Since Josh doesn't get home until so late we didn't get up and go to church.  Well let me back up a day. Saturday Josh and I were discussing the sleeping arrangements for when our house guests get here and I mentioned how nice it would be if the kids' rooms were done. Poof. We decided to swap their rooms. Its not all the way done...we still want to paint both rooms, I still need to combine the girls closets and get a dresser for Liam...but it will work for a few weeks.
Anywho...Sunday we were still kind of straightening up from our crazy hair idea Saturday and had several errands to run. So we ran around getting stuff done. We visited paw paw Reel, who is healing surprisingly fast. When we made it home we were all starving, so, while Josh and Hannah filled in the new hole the dogs are using to get under the fence, I made dinner. We had spaghetti and meatballs with cheesy garlic bread and dark chocolate brownies for desert. Mmmmm yum. After dinner we carved the pumpkins. Hannah was super excited that she got to actually carve (with help from daddy) her own this year. Acacia had a blast putting her "lite brites" in hers. Of course Liam didn't help much, but we still managed to get his done too ;~)

It was a great day :)

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