Thursday, October 21, 2010

Paw paw

Paw paw Reel holding Liam

My husbands grandpa is a great guy. I have really gotten close with him over the last couple of years. I go to his house at least once a week to clean and do what ever he needs help doing. This started after he fell almost two years ago and got quiet hurt and wasn't able to do much for himself. Well...two days ago while on vacation, he fell again. This time (it sounds like...I haven't seen him yet) it is worse. He fell down on an escalator and couldn't get up. Every time the steps went by they "bit" his back. I know it sounds horrible and I'm sure it hurt like hell. He lost a lot of blood and had to get some in the ER. Thank God for good people. A woman went for help while a man tried to hold paw paw up so the steps wouldn't cut him anymore until they got it shut off. After a stressful day waiting by the phone, my mother in law talked to paw paw and he is doing okay. Banged up and bruised, but okay.
So please keep him in your prayers. I am afraid his recovery will be tough (he is in his 80's), but he is to stuborn to stay down for long :)

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  1. Wow crystal I am so sorry about Paw Paw! I hope he recovers quickly and without too much straing. Your family is in my thoughts!