Monday, November 29, 2010


Jaylynn, my mom, Hannah and Acacia
My mom and step dad
Liam sitting by himself

Pfew... November.... where to begin....
First of all my parents arrived at the beginning of November for their visit. Yay :~D I hadn't seen them in over two years. Just a few days after they got here we had Acacia's 3rd birthday party. Fun, fun. Then we rested. Also known as...being lazy :)
After resting for a few days, we went to Asheville. I wanted to take them to our favorite place to eat and Ric wanted to go to the mall. That's right, the mall. For those that don't know my family, going to any store, let alone the mall is HUGE for my mom. We actually had fun. Then we headed over to Papa's and Beer for some supper yummy food.

My sister's boyfriend is allergic to animals (and I have several) so we went to their house a couple of times and hung out. In fact, they hosted Thanksgiving this year (otherwise Jeff would have been left out). It went really well...except, after we all ate I was getting the rest of the meat off the turkey and the very middle underneath part was raw :~o oops. All of us had already eaten...the part that was carved was cooked all the way... of well LOL.

We had such a great visit with my parents. I wasn't ready for them to leave (I know they stayed for a month, but I still wasn't ready). They only left yesterday but I miss them already :(
Hopefully it won't be years before we see them again.

Hope everyone had a great turkey day :~)

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