Friday, February 4, 2011

8 years

8 years ago I gave birth to a 8lb 4oz baby girl.
At 5 months she started talking.
She won Best Personality in a photo contest.
At 10 months she started walking.
At her first birthday party she had two tiny pigtails.
At around 1 1/2 she was bringing me flowers and fell. She refused to let go of the flowers and still has the scar on the back of her hand to prove it.
Around 3 years old she learned about death.
At 4 1/2 she became a big sister.
She loves animals.
She loves pasta.
She can draw better than I can.
At 6 years old she got her "very own" kitty and concideres herself his momma.
She loves to laugh.
She loves her family.
At 7 she became a big sister again and loves it.
She loves to camp, hike, swim and go tubing.
She likes to take care of everyone.
She likes to make Acacia breakfast.
She likes to do dishes.
When she playes Donkey Kong she constantly says "let's do this".

She is so sweet, kind hearted, helpful and such a special person. I love her so much it makes my heart ache.

Happy 8th Birthday Hannah Lynn.
I love you so, so much.

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  1. Ahh she sounds like a wonderful little time flies!