Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Glass Brain

Today I was fussing at my niece (whom I babysit every day). She was trying to buckle her seat belt and kept jamming her hand. It was making her mad, but she wouldn't stop and think. So I told her to stop and use her brain. Well, we got things situated and we were talking about how to communicate when we are frusterated and Acacia pops up with "mommy, I have a brain"
So I say "I know. We all have brains, we just need to use them"
Acacia "I can't use it, it will break"
Hannah "haha Acacia, your brain can't break"
Acacia "ya huh. Its made of glass"
Hannah "Your brain isn't made of glass"
Acacia "Yes it is...a little glass"

Anyways, the conversation continued the rest of the way home.
I love the way Acacia thinks. She cracks me up :~)

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