Monday, April 18, 2011

The kids and I were playing in the front yard this afternoon. It was a beautiful day...a little windy, but almost 80 deg.
Now, I don't let the kids play out front without someone watching them. Its my own weird thing, but I like that the backyard is fenced... I know, I know... a fence isn't going to keep Kbad guys" out, but it makes me feel better. Beside then I know exactly where they are. Anyways... I had to blow my nose, so I asked Hannah to watch her brother and I stepped inside. I could hear everything they were saying, and could look out the window and see them if I wanted, but I still hurried.
I heard a car going by and wondered if it was my friend. (He is letting me borrow his tiller) Then a thought came over me....  I can now see how a child could get kidnapped. If that bad person pulled up to the kids and they knew him.... I won't even finish. You get the picture. Its kind of a scary though isn't it.

On a lighter note, I'm pretty sure if anyone took my kids they would pay me to take them back ;~)

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