Monday, June 27, 2011

1st camping trip of the summer

We have been looking forward to this, our first camping trip of the year, for weeks. Josh took Friday off and we gathered all of our gear and headed up to Carolina Hemlocks.
It was so nice. We had bought a new tent, our old one just wasn't working for our large family, and were so excited to set it up. Love it! It is so nice.
Saturday we took the kids (along with my mother in law) to "the swinging bridge". I don't know the story behind this bridge but it seems to be a popular place to visit. It was neat and the kids thought it was so cool they have already asked to go again.

It was a weekend of firsts...
Acacia went down a small part of the river by herself.
Acacia also swam with her life jacket. This is big. She normally has to be in the raft.
Hannah is learning to swim without her life jacket.
Liam, although he went camping when he was 6 weeks old, I count this as his first camping trip.

With the exception of some crazy neighbors, we had a nice relaxing camping trip. We have already started planning our next trip :~)

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