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Fw: Liam's 1st birthday party

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Liam's 1st birthday party

After a very busy week, Saturday was upon us. Saturday, the day of my sons 1st birthday party.
House clean- check
Cupcakes made- check
Presents wrapped- check
House/yard decorated- check

The bbq birthday party was to start at 5pm. At 3:30 it started raining. Awesome. Stress.
3:40 it stopped raining. Yay :~)
We go outside to finish decorating...oh my goodness. 90 something deg. with 90% humidity. Wow. I had planned on the kids playing on the slip-n-slide and kiddie pools, but the adults are going to melt. And melt we did. It was SO hot. We all kinda wondered in the house every once in a while to cool off.
The kids had a blast though, playing in the water.

Josh was the bbq king and made hamburgers and hot dogs. Plus we had macaroni salad, chips, ice cold watermelon and of course cupcakes. After we all ate, we let Liam open his presents. Just as we start with presents it starts to rain. Thank goodness it was just a drizzle and we were all so hot we just hung out in it anyways. After presents we did cupcakes. As you can tell from the pictures, Liam loved them.
All in all it went really well, despite the heat and rain. It helps that we have a great group of friends and family.

So my little prince had his 1st birthday party.
My feelings?.... well, thats a whole different post.

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