Monday, July 18, 2011

Weekend fun

Our house has been "under construction" the last few weeks. New roof, new light fixtures, painting...etc. We have been busy, busy. We had planned on doing more around the house over the weekend. In fact, my hubby took Friday off to finish up some projects. Friday morning...rain. No problem. We needed to get Acacia's pictures done and this was a perfect time.
Love the pictures. They turned out great (no thanks to the photographer...but that's a whole long story).
Still raining.
Hubby and I decide to drop the kids off with his parents and go door shopping. I believe we finally decided on some doors. The kids hate this kind of shopping, but we had a blast. It helped that we met several entertaining people that day also. I think we laughed until we couldn't laugh anymore. We even found time to hit up one of our favorite places to eat, Papa's N Beer. So yummy.

Saturday we had a birthday party at some new friends of ours house. Unfortunatly it was raining, so the kids didn't get to do the water games that were planned. It did clear up enough to let them ride bikes and play some outside. We had a great time.
We had already planned on some of our friends coming over for dinner and games. Well we had such a good time with the Cannons we invited them over as well.
We had such a great time. The kids played well together, while the adults played a game of Phase 10. It was lovely. We are already planning another get-together.

Sunday we overslept and missed church :~(
We did have a very productive day though, finishing up some projects. Later in the afternoon we took the kids to a park we have been wanting to check out. The park was very nice. It had a splash pad, large playground for big kids and a nice little kid one too. The people on the other I actually had to get on to several children (um, where were their parents?!?). I would like to go back another time and try again.

Well, I guess that about covers it. Ha ha. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Misc happenings

Garden goodies
Liam and Hannah sharing blueberries
Liam feeding himself yogurt
Jammin' with sissy

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4th of July

Here are some pictures of the kids having fun on the 4th of July.

So busy

There has been so much going on.
With all the major storms we have had lately, there had been some damage to our house. Enter insurance people, yadda, yadda, yadda, now we have a new roof. Yay :~)
We have been blessed. Several projects are getting done around this house. I am so excited. In fact, this weekend, we are hoping to get some painting done.

My hubby had all last week off and we stayed busy. Between the 4th, bbq's, game nights with friends, construction and one day of being super lazy, we had a great vacation. 

Back to reality this week. *sigh*
On top of reality, this week brought the heat. Crazy, crazy heat. Ninty-some-odd degrees with the heat index making it in the hundreds. Don't forget the humidity. Ug.
Yesterday afternoon we just couldn't cool off. Even the house seemed unusually hot. As I was putting the kids to bed, Hannah commented about how hot the house was. It did seem hot still, so I turn the AC down to about 70deg. Well an hour later it was still almost 80deg in the house.
After a long hot night and an even hotter morning, we managed to get someone to come fix our AC.

Ok...I have been interupted so many times trying to write this I can't even think straight.
I hope it isn't to confusing :~\

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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Happy Anniversary

June 30th, 2002

9 years.
We have been married for 9 years.
Its funny how it doesn't seem like we have been married that long, but at the same time, I feel like we have been together forever. Josh is the best thing that has ever happened to me. He is my best friend, my rock. He is a loving husband. And, of course, he gave 3 beautiful children. What more could a girl want :~)

We went out for our anniversary (without the kids) yesterday and had such a great day. We decided that we would try to do something new, so we headed to downtown Asheville. It was early afternoon but neither of us had had lunch and we were a little hungry, but decided we would walk around for a bit before we grabbed a bite. After finding a parking garage we just started walking. There were some outside venders selling all sorts of neat things. As we strolled along, window shopping, we happened upon a shop called The Chocolate Fetish. Really, how could we resist going in there.
Sticking with our "try something new" attitude we picked an assortment of chocolates to try...from red wine and rose truffles to chile cocoa nib chocolate rounds. Some were divine. Some I didn't care for. But it was so fun to step outside our comfort zone.
After walking a bit more we went in a spice store (I can't remember the name). There were spices I had never even heard of. We were encouraged to smell whatever spices we wished. I think I smelled about everyone of them, except the spicy ones. I picked up a worchestershire powder and sniffed a big sniff and it about knocked me on my butt. Ha ha ha. We had a good laugh about that. The store owners were kind enough to give me some coffee beans to help get that smell out of my nose.
It was really a neat little shop.
We stopped at a cute little vender that sold the cutest shirts. is her web site. These shirts are so cute and if your from the South or have visited here you will get a kick out of them.
We wondered in a high-end home decor store. Samples products at a spa. We also walked through an art gallery. It was so wonderful. Asheville park was having live music so we stopped there for a bit.
By this time we were getting quite hungry, so we headed to our favorite mexican restaurant, Pappa's N Beer, for a tasty dinner.
After our lovely dinner we wondered a few more stores then hit the movie theater. Pirates of the Caribbean 4 in 3D. It was good, but I loved all of them.
It was a wonderful day, with wonderful company. I can't wait to do it again.

Happy Anniversary Josh. I love you!

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